Services I can offer

Data analytics

Properly implemented data analytics can make your decision making easier, faster & less risky. You will be able to comfortably see how can you make your business more cost efficient. You will get tomorrow's insight from yesterday's data.

I can provide you powerful business intelligence solutions which will give you sophisticated data-driven insights for all areas of your business to fuel your success.

Programming & Application development

This can be:

  • Desktop / Mobile application development (PyQt)
  • Web application development (Py-Flask)
  • Pattern recognition algorithms (Py-OpenCV)
  • Implementing newer library version to your stack
  • Server management automation (sh / perl / py, cron, init, sql servers)

I specialize mostly on inspection application development but feel free to ask me about any programming task.

Hosting & Networking

I can provide enterpise service hosting for solutions:

Cyber security & hardening

Network security

  • Firewalling, routing (pf, nftables)

Stack security

  • Service / process isolation, virtualization, UNIX permissions security
  • Fixing XSS, CSRF and SQL injections
  • Resource managment optimizations


Are you already working with customer data and wondering if you meet legal compliance for your region or the GDPR if operating in Europe?

Do you happen to be running a business without digital automation & analytics? Are you wondering if things would go better if you had those?

Do you feel like your current business & data might not be safe or are you already under cyber attacks?

Is your business running some 'free' program and you wonder whether you can use it legally?

Or are you generally fed up with micro$oft?

I am able to respond to such matters with unbiased elaboration supported by multiple sources, facts & data. I mainly specialize consulting topics mentioned below but feel free to contact us regarding to any concern.

  • Answering EU law (GDPR) related concerns regarding software licensing, data collection and storage, data privacy & encryption.
  • Helping your business with smooth transition to UNIX-based infrastructure.
  • Advisory regarding cryptocurrency investment (evasion of scam), trading, wallet security & transaction privacy.

If any of offered services catched your interest or if you have any special request then feel free to contact me.